5 Weird and Funny Gadget Accessories You Might Probably Say “BUY NOW”

Novelty products are as its name implies, a faddish and non-functional value-adding product you can bring into your life. But they’re cute, and they make others want to talk to you, so we’ve listed some of the 5 most interesting weird and funny gadgets you can actually buy.

The Horn Stand


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In no normal circumstance would anyone need a horn stand. But then again, why wouldn’t you want one? Check it out!

A cutesy alien speaker


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If products from JBL and Bang & Olufssen don’t fall into your budget, then this cutesy green one will.



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If you have ever found a need for a landyard, that speaks to your alternative lifestlye of being a cutie pie, then this is the one for you.



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There isn’t anyone in this world that likes wires hanging around everywhere and anywhere. Hence, the importance of a wireroll.

A Baymax plug

safety-companion-color-ame-1.jpgImage result for BUY NOW BUTTON

You can’t afford to build your own Baymax, so this plug will have to do for now.

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