6 Items Every Mother or Mother-To-Be Should Be Getting

Pregnancy may be daunting, but raising a kid will be more challenging than that. To be well equipped and prepared, we’ve listed down some of the top essentials that every mom, or mom-to-be should have as part of the tools they need in any mom-situation. The list below features products as well as tips for how they would or could be used. Check it out!

1. Wipes and creams

Yes you need diapers, but more importantly, you’ll need wipes and nappy rash creams. More often than not, baby’s skin becomes sensitive to long periods of wearing diapers. Here a few of them you can try out.

Biolane Dermo-paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream 100ml

Image result for BUY NOW BUTTONMost reviews say that this one works very well, but every baby’s skin may be different. Here’s another option:

Rivadouce Crème pour le Change (Nappy Rash Cream) - 50mlImage result for BUY NOW BUTTON

A little more expensive but a very good alternative to the above if that doesn’t work out.

2. Ready baby food

NESTLE CERELAC Wheat Honey And Dates 250GImage result for BUY NOW BUTTON

One of the cheapest options of course, but it’ll come in real-handy when you’ve ran out of options or food to feed your baby. This is suitable only from 6 months up.

Renewallife Ddo Ddo Mamma Puffs Brown Rice And Carrot

Image result for BUY NOW BUTTON

If you’re on the go, and want baby to be entertained, give him or her some puffs. They may look hard to chew or swallow, but they’re specifically designed to be easily swallowable and digestible. Also – it’s mostly hollow.

3. Baby toothbrush

SpringBuds 子初 Baby Hand Sanitizer 50ML

Image result for BUY NOW BUTTON

Always start oral hygiene and care at an early age. If not taken care of, babies can actually suffer from rotten teeth. And if you google just that, you’ll know how scary that is.

4. Playpens

Sweet Cherry SC678 Milano Playard

Image result for BUY NOW BUTTON

Depending on how you bring up your baby, they may or may not be adversed to being placed in a playpen – or at least not for long periods of time. I have particularly found this to be very useful since being a mother of 3 and sometimes, little kids can cause quite the havoc if all are let loose. Invest in a playpen. It’ll be very helpful!

5. A baby thermometer

Rycom Digital Thermometer

Image result for BUY NOW BUTTON

You’ll never know when your child catches a fever, or is suspected of one. Fevers for kids are serious stuff and should have immediate action taken otherwise future ramifications are going to arise. This is a must-invest.

6. Nasal aspirators

Little B House Nasal Mucus Suction Device Set - BKM26

Image result for BUY NOW BUTTON

Nasal aspirators are basically the old school tools of extracting snot from your baby’s nose. Since after all, they don’t know how to blow their own, this is one sure-fire way to help them ease up – and then sleep better.


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