These Are 100% The Most Awesome Sex Dolls Sold on Lazada

You know Lazada, right? That awesome marketplace you buy just about every damn thing on? Turns out they’re even more awesome – because if you are a curious cat – you’ll end up finding this particular thing that you never quite expect: Sex dolls!!

That’s right, motherfucker. It’s sex dolls. I kid you not. Here’s how we rank them on Good Fake Reviews from fuckin-must-buy to damn-you’re-poor:

7. The Doll House 146CM TPE Sex Doll Sex Toy Fashion Display Mannequin

Check this smoke bomb out. It not only says you’re sadder than the next biggest loser, but you’ve got some fuck-you money to play around with. Also, I really think they’re labelling it as “Fashion Display Mannequin” just so they can get listed.

Should you buy it? Hell yeah!





6. Splurge a little more and you should get this one instead:

With just an additional few hundred bucks more, it’s essentially the same as the one listed before this, but it’s placed here because I’m being honest here. Those clothes don’t cost a few thousand syillings more, mate. No sirree.

Should you buy it? Actually, yes.





5. So torn.

With the price range not really dropping from the 6k mark, I’d say I’m having an extremely hard time deciding which one I would get if real-life girls turned to stone when they look at me and hence sex dolls are my only female interactions.

Should you buy it? Yes, because seller promotions lists these super extra goodies:

Wig Cap, Lingerie, Heating Rod, Personal Lubricant, Condom, Baby Powder, Hand Glove, Comb, Washer, Decoloration Cream, Repair Glue, Lipstick.



4. Misleading product description:

This picture is super misleading, because it’s meant to be. And if I were you, I’d totally be fooled into getting it. Don’t be too shocked when your package comes a little too small.

And yes, we know you’re poor if you can only afford this:





3. This doesn’t look like it’ll last

Honestly, by now I’m just about an expert in sex doll quality, and I’m telling you – hand to heart motherfucker – this one. Will. Not. Last.


Yes, buy it if you’re not ready to spend 4 digits in ringgit, bitch.







2. So you like anime…

I guess, why the hell not?

Would I get it? Probably.. not. But I’m not you. Look, I’m not judging.








1. Wholesome-looking sex doll

So I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Maybe I’d go for it? Maybe I won’t. Check back this article in a week’s time.


Seriously, there’s so many of these things, you wouldn’t guess that Lazada is actually allowed to sell this. And since it ships from overseas, would it… get stuck at customs? Don’t just take my unbiased review of this – check it out here:


Reina TPE Sex doll - 158cm

RM 4,988.00


  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Waterproof
  • TPE Material

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